Toward a Logic of the Organism: A Process Philosophical Consideration (2022)

Sehende Uhrmacher? Eine biophilosophische Kritik an den Transhumanismus [Seeing Watchmakers? A Biophilosophical Critique of Transhumanism] (2021/in German)

Organism, Self, Umwelt: A New Approach to Organismic Individuality (2020)

Human vs. Animal Relation to the Environment: A Bergsonian-Whiteheadian Perspective on Uexküll’s Concept of “Umwelt” and Cassirer’s “Animal Symbolicum” (2020)

Anthropogenesis as an Evolution of Contrastsin Need of Harmonization (2020)

Die Zeitlichkeit des werdenden Gottes: Whiteheads Folgenatur Gottes und Bergsons lebendige Ewigkeit [The Temporality of the Becoming God. Whitehead's Consequent Nature of God and Bergson's Living Eternity] (2020/in German)

Organism, Machine, Process. Towards a Process Ontology for Organismic Dynamics (2017)

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Modern Biological Neo-Teleologism  vs.  Aristotle’s Genuine Telos (2016)

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